Trending Colors in Kitchen Flooring


Extreme colors are trending, ultra dark and ultra light and not much in between. With them, contrast is more popular than ever before. White floors with espresso cabinet, or the other way around.

But you’ll also see some warmer, middle-of-the-road options sneaking in, as well. Kitchen cabinet and decor trends are going brighter and bolder. That means we need more flooring colors to match everything, from fun, aqua cabinets to butcher board counters and everything in between.

Here are the best kitchen floor colors trending today.

Blonde Wood (& Wood-Look) Kitchen Flooring

For years, lighter floors were viewed as outdated or inexpensive. That is no longer the case. Not by a long shot!

As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their home, you will see a huge resurgence in blonde wood (and wood-look) floors. Blonde floors, in particular, can give you that light timeless feel.

With blonde wood, your decorating possibilities are endless. You can go for a chic, contemporary feel or a rustic, homey vibe. All without changing your floors.

The open, light, airy look is especially popular in modern kitchens. Homeowners are now steering away from sharper, modern, industrial looks and trending towards an updated farmhouse style. Light floors are perfect for this!

Contrary to ultra-dark espresso looks, blonde floors make your kitchen feel larger and more open, especially if you use large planks.

Honey Wood (& Wood-Look) Kitchen Flooring

Just a step darker than trending blonde, warm, rich honey wood looks are the trending.

Honey floors are still light enough to give you many of the benefits of blonde looks, making your kitchen look larger and more open. But, you also get that nice, rich warmth that comes from a slightly darker tone.

Warm tones are trending across the flooring market and, if you go the warm route, I would absolutely recommend a honey wood or wood look. To be frank, the trends often drift back and forth between warm and cool tones. However, honey wood is not just a trend; it’s a color classic.

Whitewashed Wood (& Wood-Look) Kitchen Flooring

As that relaxed, California vibe is spreading, so are the floors that come with it. And white-washed wood is at the top of the list.

Whitewashed wood and wood-look floors typically show signs of wear with the darker colors peeking out from underneath. It fits right in with the aged and worn trends happening across all styles of flooring.

Whitewash will make your home look brighter, bigger and more relaxed. It can give that “beachy” feel or also an upscale contemporary feel, depending on the rest of your decor.

Espresso Wood (& Wood-Look) Kitchen Flooring

This trend is timeless. Dark, rich colors look gorgeous and elegant, giving your room an expensive feel.

In the kitchen, you’ll see these dark floors juxtaposed against bright white cabinets, colorful accent walls and contemporary kitchen decor. Dark floors offer a sleeker look that sets the perfect tone for sharp contemporary lines and minimalist decor.

White Tile Kitchen Flooring

Just like the whitewashed wood is trending, bright white tiles are super hot in the kitchen, too. The theme is contrast. You will see luminous whites contrasting with dark, espresso cabinets. Or, white tiles setting the backdrop for a bright, colorful kitchen decor.

White tiles, like white wood, instantly make your kitchen look bigger, especially if you use large format tiles. Put these tiles in a kitchen with lots of natural sunlight for a truly special look.

Gray Kitchen Flooring – In Every Type!

Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for kitchens and homes in general. Gray cabinets, gray doors, you name it. And every shade of gray is still hot and trendy in the kitchen. For your floors and decor.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray floors set the tone of a cool, contemporary kitchen. They give you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – they will all go with your sleek gray flooring.

High Color Variation Kitchen Flooring

Homeowners love the natural, rustic look that higher color variation provides. In nature, stone and wood aren’t so uniform; there are all kinds of inconsistencies.

Now, with modern technology, you can achieve these more random, natural looks with laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, ceramic tile, you name it! This makes your kitchen floor more of a statement piece and tends to pair best with a simple but contemporary decor.

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